Blade & Soul Revolution How to get Hongmoon energy / point

Blade & Soul Revolution How to get Hongmoon energy / point

Blade and soul revolution Hongmoon arts used to can increase character stats permanennty. It’s available once your character level reaches 100. Hongmoon volume 1 available at level 100

Each stat needs different types of energy: Hongmoon Energy, Blue Energy, and Red Energy.

How to obtain hongmoon energy

Use item to get Hongmoon Energy, Red Energy, and Blue Energy energy.

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 There are 3 items to increase hongmoon Normal, Greater, and Super Energy items, each of which provides 20, 100, and 500 energy.

How to get hongmoon energy item

You can get hongmoon, red and blue energy from

  1. defeating monster in training ground
  2. Buy from shop in npc exchange merchant at yehara mirage
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Blade and soul how to get hongmoon energy

1.Hongmoon energy, red and blue Energy items are obtainable by hunting monsters from the Training Ground if you lucky

2. Energy items can be purchased from Exchange Merchant at Yehara’s Mirage and Zaiwei South District.(need tradeable coin)

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