Langrisser Online Time Rift Hidden Treasure Reward

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Langrisser Online Time Rift Treasure all chapter

1-115 Trinity Crystals25 Trinity Crystals
1-2SR Speed boots1 Trinity Voucher
1-33 Friendship Vouchers3 Friendship Vouchers
1-41 Trinity Voucher1 Special Crafter’s Hammer
1-51 Trinity Voucher1 Trinity Voucher
1-6SR Life Staff30 Trinity Crystals
1-730 Trinity Crystals1 SR Rare Material Spirit
2-125 Trinity Crystals35 Trinity Crystals
2-2SR Swift Helmet1 Trinity Voucher
2-31 Rare Crafter’s Hammer1 Rare Crafter’s Hammer
2-4SR Greaves35 Trinity Crystals
2-530 Trinity CrystalsSR Dragon Scale Armor
2-635 Trinity Crystals40 Trinity Crystals
2-7SR Dragon Scale Armor1 Trinity Voucher
3-135 Trinity Crystals2 Rare Crafter’s Hammers
3-21 Trinity Voucher45 Trinity Crystals
3-31 Special Crafter’s HammerSR Ghost Robe
3-4SR Feathered Light Armor45 Trinity Crystals
3-540 Trinity Crystals1 Trinity Voucher
3-61 Trinity Voucher2 Rare Crafter’s Hammers
3-71 Rare Crafter’s Hammer45 Trinity Crystals
4-11 Trinity VoucherSR Elven Bow
4-2SR Ghost Mask45 Trinity Crystals
4-345 Trinity Crystals1 Trinity Voucher
4-42 Trinity Vouchers2 Rare Crafter’s Hammers
4-550 Trinity Crystals50 Trinity Crystals
4-62 Trinity VouchersSR Scryer
4-7SR Mithril Armor50 Trinity Crystals
5-150 Trinity Crystals1 Trinity Voucher
5-21 Trinity Vouchers3 Rare Crafter’s Hammers
5-31 Rare Crafter’s Hammer60 Trinity Crystals
5-4SR Crystal AnkletSR Feathered Hat
5-560 Trinity Crystals60 Trinity Crystals
5-62 Trinity Vouchers1 Trinity Voucher
5-72 Rare Crafter’s Hammers1 Epic Crafter’s Hammer
6-12 Trinity Vouchers70 Trinity Crystals
6-260 Trinity CrystalsSR Sentinel Emblem
6-32 Rare Crafter’s Hammers70 Trinity Crystals
6-4SR Rune Axe1 Trinity Voucher
6-52 Rare Crafter’s Hammers2 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
6-6SR Assault Ring80 Trinity Crystals
7-160 Trinity Crystals80000 Gold
7-22 Trinity Vouchers2 Trinity Vouchers
7-31 Epic Crafter’s Hammer80 Trinity Crystals
7-460 Trinity CrystalsSSR Twilight Armor
7-550000 Gold80 Trinity Crystals
7-61 Epic Crafter’s Hammer100 Orichalcum Ore
7-7100 Orichalcum Ore2 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
8-12 Trinity Vouchers2 Trinity Vouchers
8-2SSR Aeneas’ Helmet80 Trinity Crystals
8-370 Trinity Crystals3 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
8-41 Epic Crafter’s Hammer90000 Gold
8-570000 Gold1 Epic Material Spirit
8-62 Trinity Vouchers2 Trinity Vouchers
8-770 Trinity Crystals80 Trinity Crystals
9-11 Epic Crafter’s Hammer90000 Gold
9-270000 Gold3 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
9-3150 Orichalcum Ore150 Orichalcum Ore
9-4SSR Dark Crown80 Trinity Crystals
9-570 Trinity Crystals90000 Gold
9-680000 Gold3 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
9-72 Epic Crafter’s Hammers1 Epic Material Spirit
9-82 Trinity Vouchers80 Trinity Crystals
9-970 Trinity Crystals2 Trinity Vouchers
10-12 Epic Crafter’s Hammers100000 Gold
10-280 Trinity Crystals4 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
10-32 Trinity Vouchers150 Orichalcum Ore
10-4150 Orichalcum Ore90 Trinity Crystals
10-590000 Gold100000 Gold
10-680 Trinity Crystals4 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
10-73 Epic Crafter’s Hammers90 Trinity Crystals
10-8SSR Oath of Justice1 Epic Material Spirit
10-92 Trinity Vouchers2 Trinity Vouchers
11-180 Trinity Crystals100000 Gold
11-24 Epic Crafter’s Hammers4 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
11-32 Trinity Vouchers150 Orichalcum Ore
11-4100 Trinity Crystals100 Trinity Crystals
11-5150 Orichalcum Ore100000 Gold
11-6100000 Gold4 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
11-74 Epic Crafter’s Hammers1 Epic Material Spirit
11-8SSR Veil of Light100 Trinity Crystals
11-92 Trinity Vouchers2 Trinity Vouchers
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