Langrisser online hidden treasure prize reward for chapter 1 until chapter 37

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In the Langrisser, there are many chapters related to the storyline. In this chapter chaper, there are usually hidden treasures that contain prizes. The following are prizes from hidden treasures in chapter 1 to chapter 37

Chapter 1 LV1NoneChapter 25 Lv443 Trinity Vouchers
Chapter 2 Lv32 Friendship VouchersChapter 26 LV4680 Trinity Crystals
Chapter 3 LV315 Trinity CrystalsChapter 27 LV483 Rare Crafter’s Hammers
Chapter 4 Lv61 Trinity VoucherChapter 28 LV50SR Magic Blade Sigma
Chapter 5 Lv9R rank gearChapter 29 LV5180 Trinity Crystals
Chapter 6 LV10NoneChapter 30 Lv511 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
Chapter 7 LV123 Friendship VouchersChapter 31 Lv52150 Orichalcum Ore
Chapter 8 LV13SR Devout CoatChapter 32 Lv5380 Trinity Crystals
Chapter 9 LV161 Rare Crafter’s HammerChapter 33 Lv543 Trinity Vouchers
Chapter 10 Lv1820 Trinity CrystalsChapter 34 Lv552 Epic Crafter’s Hammers
Chapter 11 Lv191 Trinity VoucherChapter 35 Lv55None
Chapter 12 Lv1935 Trinity CrystalsChapter 36 Lv56SSR Galaxy Cloak
Chapter 13 Lv22Rare Crafter’s HammerChapter 37 Lv57100 Trinity Crystals
Chapter 14 Lv23NoneChapter 38 Lv573 Exploding Heart Keys
Chapter 15 Lv25SR Aristocratic DaggerChapter 39 LV58None
Chapter 16 Lv27NoneChapter 40 LV58100 Trinity Crystals
Chapter 17 Lv29SR Chain HelmetChapter 41 Lv59100000 Gold
Chapter 18 Lv311 Trinity VoucherChapter 42 Lv59150 Orichalcum Ore
Chapter 19 Lv3350 Trinity CrystalsChapter 43 Lv60SSR Holy Ring
Chapter 20 Lv35SR Meditation Ring
Chapter 21 LV362 Trinity Vouchers
Chapter 22 Lv3860 Trinity Crystals
Chapter 23 LV412 Rare Crafter’s Hammers
Chapter 24 Lv42SR Burst Staff
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