One Piece manga chapter 956 Spoilers

One Piece Manga chapter 956 spoilers updated

A week after Reverie started. There is news about Sabo’s death.
The Shichibukai system agreed to be dissolved in Reverie.

X Drake is the leader of the Navy special force from Headquarters named Sword.

X Drake reports to Marine about an “alliance”. (Kaido and Big Mom?) He says he witnessed CP0 in Wano.
He also says that Luffy has not escaped from prison yet.

Because because the shichibukai is dissolved. Mihawk: How exciting…It’s been a long time… I’m back to being chased again….Fufu
[Former Warlord of the Sea, “Hawkeye”, Dracule Mihawk]

The abolishment of Shichibukai is decided due to Alabasta and Dressrosa insisting that Shichibukais caused damage to their countries.
– Shirahoshi goes back to Fishman Island with Neptune. Garp escorts them.

The revolutionary army panics and the koala is sad to know that sabo is dead

Makino is crying

Dadan and mountain bandits cried when they saw the news of Sabo’s death

About Morgans’ pic, he is pleased that many audience will pay for his newspaper since the news about “someone’s death” is popular.
Government spy threatens him by gun to manipulate information. I wonder if Morgan is referring to Sabo or someone else.

– About Mihawk’s pic, he is trembling with excitement since it has been a long time since he was chased by others.

Weevil asks his mother why Marines are attacking them despite them belonging to Schichibukai. (He has not known about the abolishment news yet.)

it is possible that Morgan was threatened to make news if Sabo died

Morgan defeated the person who wanted to shoot him

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