Summoners War AXP

What is AXP ?

The secondary awakening can be proceeded when the secondary awakening target monster has reached max level of all skill and has maximum secondary awakeing EXP (AXP). The secondary awakening offers uprgaded appearance, stats increase and upgraded skills.

Summoners War New Monster, Demon And Gargoyle

How to increase AXP ?

You can gain AXP from secondary awakening dungeon ( karzhan remains and ellunia remains).

Karzhan Remains : used to gain axp for inugami and warbear. Use inugami or warbear in karzhan remains to increase their exp

Ellunia Remains : used to gain axp for fairy and pixie. Use fairy or pixie in ellunia remains to increase their exp

You must use monsters that want evolution to secondary awake in secondary awakening dungeon. Secondary awakening dungeon has 5 levels. You will get more AXP if you complete a higher level (560 AXP from dungeon level 3 and 950 AXP from level 5). Currently, double exp item won’t add more AXP.

why does my monster not get axp ?

Your monster must be awakened

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