Virtual Sim Story Dream Life : Pet List

Virtual Sim Story : Pet Function, List, How To Feed Pet, How To Raise Pet EXP

Virtual sim story dream life. Pets are wild animals that are captured and then made into pets.

Pet functions benefit and advantages

Some functions of pets are used to play games. Used to get money from hide and seek games and fetch ranges. pet can follow us if we have bought a 3 star house (medium house) or a better house.


We can play with pets in hide and seek games and fetch range. In this game we will get money and pet xp. Pet stats and levels can increase money earned from hide and seek and fetch range games.

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How to raise a pet’s level

Pet XP is obtained from the game (fetch range, hide and seek). You can also feed pets on vet to get pet xp.

How to feed pet

Go to vet. Talk to doctor and click feeding.

how to catch animals

how to catch animals

  1. go to the pet catching area. approach the animal and select catch
  2. give the berry then stay away from animals circle.
  3. wait until he finishes his food
  4. keep feeding until animal is happy
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animals can run if the duration has run out. animals will be more difficult to catch if the grade / star is high.

pet location

Pet list

many pets we can catch. with different looks like there are unicorns and dragons that can be captures and used as pets.

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pets I’ve ever seen

  1. lion cub
  2. Duck
  3. Chicken
  4. Cat
  5. Dog
  6. Rabbit
Star 4 pet Lion cub
shih tzu
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