Virtual Sim Story : Tips to Get Lots of Money

Virtual Sim Story : Tips to Get Lots of Money

 Money is really needed in the virtual life story dream sim game. Here is how to get a lot of money for new player

Go to hide and seek at the top near the harbor.

In this place you can get a lot of money. With high earning base. You can also get high scores so you can get lots of bonus money.It is recommended to use a pet that has a high level. Because the function of pets is to increase income when playing games.

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I get $ 170 per game. With 40 energy you can play 6 times. So by using 40 energy you can get $1000 . Repeat this method After the energy is fully charged / or you can log in every 1-2 hours. so you can get Thousands of money.

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How to get rich in the virtual sim story dream life game

Cara mendapatkan banyak uang di game virtual sim story

Virtual sim story dream life. Cómo obtener mucho dinero y hacerse rico

Ganhe muito dinheiro / fique rico. Virtual sim story dream life

Comment gagner beaucoup d’argent et devenir riche. Virtual sim story dream life

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