Virtual Sims Story Dream Life : Fast Level Up and Get Lot Of Money

Virtual Sims Story : Level Up and Get Money

How to level up and get money in virtual sim story dream life.

How to level up / get exp in virtual sim story

You can buy, Clothes, home and buy car to get exp.

You need lots of money if you shop. Here is how to get money.

How to get lot of money/ cash in virtual sim story

Hide and seek

Youn can play hide and seek with your pet. Use a pet that has a high level and smart to get a lot of money. I can get $ 150 – $ 200 once playing. And get $ 1000 when use 36 energy.

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Fetch Range

Playing ball with your pet can give you money and pet exp. You can get more than $50. Go to map and find baseball icon.

Shift work

Virtual sim story : how to get exp and money
  1. tap your avatar icon
  2. Tap map
  3. See the location of the cafee (symbol of the spoon and fork icon) then walk to the cafee location
  4. tap to the cafe employee to work as a waiter.
  5. Wait for customers to come.
  6. when customers sit, tap customers.
  7. go to the cashier to make food.
  8. deliver food to customers to earn mone
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you can also get moneyfrom clearing quest

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